Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008

I have always loved Christmas time and this year was no exception. This past year we have been blessed to see our family grow with the addition of Miranda's new family Danny and little Maddie. It is just amazing how fast time goes by!!! It was great getting to spend Christmas with My family. I love you all so much and cherish every moment with you. As I get older "yes I said it" older I realize just how important family and friends are. It was so much fun getting to see Maddie during her first Christmas and to know that next year she will be running all over the place. Briana was so excited to get the American Girl doll she had been asking for all year from her to great sisters, Mirand and Mallorie. I am always greatful for and CHERISH each and every moment I get with my mom and dad. It was great to see Mallorie and funny how her wish list went from video games to kitchenware:) I love you Mal-Mal and I miss you. To watch Miranda with her new family and to see what a great mom she is just melts my heart. It was undoubtly an unforgettable Christmas filled with memories. One of my favorites was listening to Briana read the Christmas stroy from her Bible and praying that we all know that Christ is the reason for the season and that he is the greatest gift we could ever recieve. This Christmas was also bittersweet for me as I know that this was our last Christmas here. We have made some great freinds and great memories here and we will miss it when we leave. I look to the future with hope and anticipation to see what God has in store for us on this journey of life.