Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indianapolis Zoo

We spent the day at the Indianapolis Zoo with Briana and her friends Rex and Grant who are here visiting from TN. We had a lot of fun. It is hard to decide what was my favorite thing...I really like the Dolphin Show,the elephants, the tiger, the polar bear and well...I guess I liked it all. I hope you take the time to enjoy all the pictures it was a great day and I am glad to be able to share our memories with you.

Summertime with friends

This has been a very busy summer for us. Briana's friends from TN Rex & Grant are here visiting. They have been friends for 4 years now. They are friends and even more than that they are like brother and sister. This evening we hung outside and watched as neighbors were shooting off fireworks. Briana's friend from the neighborhood Kara came and joined the fun. We had a good time. Children are just so funny and I just love watching them have fun.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy B-Day Mallorie

It just seems like yesterday that I was planning for Mallorie's 13th birthday!!! It is true the older you get the faster time goes by. I just can't believe the my little Mal-Mal is 22 years old. How,When did that happen??? I so wish I could slow down time. We celebrated her big day at Maggianos. It was fun. I was glad we got to be there for her birthday this year. We love you Mal-Mal.

Summer trip to Mom & Dads

Every summer I go to Mom & Dads. I always love going to see them and getting to spend time together. It is always so peaceful. This summer an unfortunate even took place...My mom fell and broke her foot. I know it is horrible!!! I felt so sorry for her. Luckily the doctor said a break is better than a sprain. He said it takes about 4 weeks for a break to heal vs 3 to 4 months for a sprain to heal. I was so relieved to know she would not need surgery. It was, as usual hard to leave and heartbreaking now that I live even farther away. I cherish every moment spent with them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cruise to the Bahamas

Miranda & Danny's wedding

The long awaited day finally arrived! I will not soon forget this day. As the rain stopped and the clouds broke in just enough time to have the ceremony outside as planned. It was a perfect day for a wedding. As you can see Miranda was a beautiful bride. The ceremony was just beautiful and as I watched James walk his little girl down the isle and give her away my heart was so full of emotions and memories of all the years past. I just couldn't believe this day was here. Time slows down for no one! It was hard to hold back the tears. It was a great day of joy, laughter and tears. Life is a journey we are all on and we pray the journey ahead for Miranda and Danny is paved with blessings and goodness.

Rehearsal Dinner