Monday, March 23, 2009

Time with friends before moving

Spending time with friends before we move. Tracy and C.J came to visit from Knoxville a few months ago so we could see each other before we moved. It was a fun visit. Tracy and I have been friends for about 15 or 16 years.
Hollie came to visit a few weeks ago and we went out to eat and said our goodbyes. We have been friends for about 7 years.
It is never easy to leave friends but, I know it is not really goodbye but, until we see each other again. As much as I hate moving I remember that I met Tracy in GA and I met Hollie when we lived in Evansville, IN without the moves I would not have met such wonderful friends.

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cjnsmom said...

I love you Tonya and I am going to miss you soooo much. I hate that so many years went by before we got back in touch and now , it seems like, the past 3 years have flown by.I know that this is NOT good bye because C.J. and I will be making that trip a few times a year I the Summer:)

I love you and you will always be like the Sister I never had. God is going to be there every step of the way and you and Brianna will have no problems making friends at all. Your a special person and I love you with all my heart. safe and call us and give us the new number okay?

Tracy and C.J.:)